Wedding Planning

Styling. Planning. Implementing.

Celebrating you and your love.

Has a new world opened before your eyes since your engagement? The world of weddings is filled with ideas and options where everyone can find the one fitting to their story. Planning takes time and consists of wonderful yet tricky decision making.

Let us make it easier. In order to plan a perfect day, lot of research and experience is needed with the knowledge of different areas like passion to create visually appealing and functional solutions.

Our task is to help, inspire and create a wedding day that represents you, so that you can focus on the journey.

All you need to do is choose your favourites from well thought choices and wait for your special day in peace. Most importantly, focus on celebrating your wedding day. Let us create an unforgettable wedding day together, which will make you smile whenever reminiscing.

Our services include strong knowledge of the wedding industry, wedding coordination, modern florist services, large silk flower elements and a versatile decoration assortment.
We will take care of your wedding planning with great attention to details, so that you can focus on the essential: celebration!

Familiarize yourself with our portfolio and wedding packages and choose the best fit for your needs.
Together we will create an ensemble with the wedding package which is perfect for you.
We cannot wait to get to know you and to create your dream wedding!

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