Terms of service

RENTAL TERMS for Mevent party supplies Valid from June 1, 2020.

1. Contracting parties: Products are rented by Mevent Oy, company identification number 2837370-6. Products are rented to adults and companies in Finland. The rental prices of the products include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices and possible postage costs.
These terms and conditions apply to furniture rentals between Mevent Oy (hereinafter referred to as Mevent) and the lessee (hereinafter referred to as the lessee).
2. Reservation of accessories and payment of the rental price: Rental products are reserved in the online store. The rental period and rental price are indicated in the product description. The rental period is usually from Thursday to the following Monday.
3. Subject of the rental: The subject of the rental is Mevent Oy's decorations as they are described in the online store. The rental products are used, so they may have traces of use, please check the condition of the products at the time of collection / when the package arrives, complaints must be made on the day of collection.
4. Delivery of products to the lessee: The rental products are delivered to the lessee from Mevent Studio on the first day of the rental period between 11:00 and 17:00, at Uurastajankatu 19, 33710 Tampere. Other, separately agreed collection times must be agreed with customer service. Transportation, carrying and setting up as well as dismantling and removal will be charged separately, unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing. If the products are not picked up at the agreed time, the rental fee will not be refunded. Some of the rental products can be delivered by mail, in which case shipping costs will be added to the rental price. Postage must be agreed in advance. The functionality of the products is checked by Mevent Oy before handing them over to the lessee. If desired, the lessee can check the functionality of the products upon receiving them. Complaints must be made on the day of collection.
4.1 Checking the renter's identity: The renter is obliged to prove his identity with an official ID when picking up the rental products. If the renter does not pick up the rental products personally, he must inform Mevent's customer service of the details of the picker of the products. Rental products are not handed over to anyone other than the renter or a person indicated by him.

5. Using the rental products: The renter must use the rental products carefully and only for their intended use. The lessee may not change, repair or have third parties repair the rental products without the consent of Mevent Oy. The lessee may not sublease or pass on the products to a third party without the written permission of Mevent Oy. It is the responsibility of the renter to provide exact information about the place where Mevent Oy's rental products are used in connection with the reservation request. The use of products in premises other than the stated destination during the rental period must be agreed separately with Mevent Oy.

The furnishings have been checked by Mevent Oy and they have been found to be functional and intact before handing them over to the lessee. Mevent Oy must be notified of damage that occurred during the rental as soon as the renter notices the damage or at the latest when returning the products. The renter must also take care of the suitability of the purpose of use elsewhere than indoors - take into account humidity/rain/snow, frost, high temperature or dust. If the quality or quantity of the rental products gives rise to comments, a complaint must be made immediately, no later than six (6) hours after the rental product has been redeemed. Complaints are made in writing to Mevent Oy's customer service mevent@mevent.fi. Pictures of the thing being complained about must be attached to the complaint.

Mevent Oy is not responsible for the suitability of rental products, for example the suitability of Spandex chair covers for chairs. If you wish, you can pick up the test hood or order it for a trial fitting against postage costs. Mevent Oy will not refund the rental price of chair hoods if the rental product is not suitable for the purpose of use planned by the renter.

6. Returning rental products: The renter must return the rental products to Mevent Oy at the end of the rental period and in the same condition and in the same way, packed in the same packaging materials, as they were when they were rented. If Mevent Oy supplies separate packaging instructions with the product, the product must be returned packed according to the instructions. With the exception of chair hoods and fabric products, all rental products are returned cleaned after use. The rental products are returned to Mevent Studio on the last day of the rental period between 11:00 and 17:00, to the address Uuratajankatu 19, 33710 Tampere. Other, separately agreed return times must be agreed with customer service. If the rental products are returned late, a new price for the four-day rental period will be charged. The rental product is interpreted as left unreturned if it has not been returned no later than two days after the end of the rental period. In this case, in addition to the price of the new rental period, the replacement price of the product stated in the rental agreement will be charged. Damaged and missing products must be mentioned when returning.

The renter is responsible for the postage costs of returning rental products delivered by mail. Rental products delivered by post must be left at the Post office for return transport by 11:00 a.m. on the last rental day. If the rental products are left with the transport company late, we will invoice the price of a new four-day rental period. The return address for returned rental products is Mevent Studio, Uurastajankatu 19, 33710 Tampere. The method of delivery of the return arrival notification should be a text message to the number 050 544 4994. The renter is obliged to inform Mevent Oy of the return shipment's shipping ID on the day it is sent. The transmission ID is notified by email to verkkokauppa@mevent.fi. Mevent Oy's products may not be mailed without a traceable tracking number, for example as a regular letter.

7. Lessee's responsibility: The Lessee is obliged to compensate for damages and costs caused by careless and incorrect handling of the rental products during the rental period. The lessee is obliged to replace the product destroyed or lost during the rental period, even in cases where the damage or loss is caused by a third party. Damaged or non-returned products will be charged to the lessee according to the replacement price of the product stated at the time of ordering. The invoice will be sent within seven (7) days to the e-mail provided to the renter in connection with the reservation request. The packaging and protective materials, transport boxes and protective bags provided with the rental products are the property of Mevent Oy. The obligation to compensate also applies to lost or broken packaging and protective materials, transport boxes and protective bags, also in cases caused by damage caused by operators used by the lessee. These will be billed afterwards according to the new purchase price.

Mevent Oy has the right to collect the cleaning and restoration costs of the rented products from the renter separately, if the products are returned uncleaned. The rental price of textile products includes one wash. Additional stain removal will be billed afterwards at €65/hour according to the time used. The cleaning and maintenance costs of non-textile products will be billed afterwards at €65/hour according to the time used.

8. Lessor's responsibility: Mevent Oy is responsible for repair costs caused by normal wear and tear of the products. Mevent Oy is not responsible for any indirect or direct costs or damages that the renter may incur due to the use or breakage of the products.
9. Insurances: The rental products are not insured by Mevent Oy during the rental period. The lessee is responsible, at his discretion, for the appropriate insurance of the rental products.
10. Breach of contract: If the lessee substantially violates the terms and conditions of the lease, Mevent Oy has the right to terminate the lease agreement immediately and take back the leased products without consulting the lessee.
11. Cancellation terms: The lessee has the option to cancel the rental agreement free of charge within 14 days of paying the rental price. The rental price of cancellations made after this will not be refunded. The right of cancellation does not apply to rentals that are agreed later than 28 days before the rental date. Cancellation is made in writing by emailing verkkokauppa@mevent.fi. The cancellation must be accompanied by a copy of the receipt and the account information for receiving the rental payment refund. The payment will be returned within 14 days of receiving the cancellation, using the same payment channel as the order was paid for.

11.1 Force majeure: Mevent Oy is not obliged to fulfill the contract if a natural obstacle, fire, machine damage or a comparable disturbance, strike, lockout, war, business suspension, export or import ban, lack of means of transport, cessation of production, traffic disruption or other such obstacle that prevents delivery of Mevent Oy's products or part thereof. Mevent Oy is not obliged to fulfill the contract even if the previous lessee has not returned the rental products or they have been returned defective. In this case, Mevent Oy offers the lessee a replacement rental product, if possible. If there is no replacement rental product or the lessee does not use it, Mevent Oy will return the rental price paid for the products in question to the lessee. Mevent Oy is not obliged to compensate the renter for damage caused by not fulfilling the contract.

Mevent Oy, 2837370-6, www.mevent.fi/verkkokauppa verkkokauppa@mevent.fi Address: Uurastajankatu 19, 33710 Tampere. Phone number 050 544 4994.