7 ohittamatonta vinkkiä kosintaan

7 must-have tips for proposal

When you have found a partner by your side, with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, dreams of a shared future often lead to proposal and marriage. It's wonderful to get a memorable experience from a unique moment, which you can reminisce together with warmth even decades later. An unforgettable proposal, however, also requires a little surprise and planning skills. Get inspired with our tips for your dream wedding.

When planning a proposal, you should especially consider your partner's personality and taste. For one, a romantic proposal in the middle of a sea of ​​roses and candles can be a dream come true, while for another it can seem too over the top or cliche. An adventurous couple can arrange a surprise proposal on a hiking trip in the mountains, and a cozy couple can appreciate a candlelit dinner together at home or in an atmospheric restaurant. You can propose on vacation, on a first date in a milieu, or in any place that is important to you.

If you're planning a public proposal, it's worth doing some background work and thinking about what kind of proposal your partner wants. Not everyone likes to propose in the middle of a crowd, but wants the situation to be calm and a moment between the two of you.

There are always as many proposal styles as there are couples, but to make the proposal moving and unforgettable, these tips will surely help you succeed. If you yourself are waiting for a proposal, you may give hints to your partner about your dream proposal once in a while.

If you are very nervous and fear that you will get super nervous at an important moment, you can also carry out the proposal in a way that does not require talking. It can be a card in your favourite board game deck, pre-ordered bread / cake with a proposal text or a proposal message written in the snow / sand. If you have planned a proposal on a beach holiday, you can hide the proposal message in an empty bottle and leave it for your spouse to find in a more remote part of the beach, where you take your spouse to romantically admire the sunset. Only your imagination is your limit!

Professional tips for a successful proposal:

  1. You're on the same page. The most important thing before a love-filled proposal is the certainty that you and your spouse wish for marriage and have talked about it as part of the future.
  2. Ask parents for a hand. A bride who respects tradition appreciates her spouse's bold gesture.
  3. Choose a place that is meaningful to both of you. Or if you have a beautiful place in mind where you have planned to propose, listen to your instincts.
  4. Make the proposal an unexpected surprise. When the proposal comes as a complete surprise, it creates an even more intense and emotional atmosphere.
  5. Use the bride's full name. Hearing your own name makes everyone feel special.
  6. Kneel down. When proposing, the ring does not have to be the real and final engagement ring. Many brides are specific about what kind of diamond, stone or material they want for their ring. However, don't propose empty-handed, but get a more affordable 'proposal ring'. If you don't know the size of your spouse's finger, you can take your spouse's other ring with you when shopping for a ring, from which it is easy to estimate the correct size in the store.
  7. Make sure someone captures your important moment. It can be a waiter in a restaurant or a passer-by where the proposal is taking place. If you're alone, take a cute proposal selfie. But capture the moment that you can return to even years from now.

Good luck with your proposal! A love-filled rest of your life for you and your chosen one!

♥ Greetings Mevent wedding planners