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The job of a wedding planner

When I tell you that I am a wedding and event planner by profession, the reaction is often enthusiastic and curious. "How wonderful when work is just a party and you get to enjoy all the fun of the party." Another reaction that is significantly decreasing as our industry becomes known is "do you just do it for a living?" . I am lucky to be able to say that I do this for a living. And what's more wonderful than doing a job you love, because it is also reflected in everything you do and encounters with customers and partners. But behind all the loveliness is a lot of hours and hard work, which isn't always visible from behind the glittery Instagram.

The wedding day is one of the most important days in our customers' lives. Every wedding day is also special for us and we want that to be passed on to our wedding couple as well.

At the moment, the most popular in wedding planning are two types of entities, which we work on the most. First, comprehensive wedding planning, where the wedding planner organizes the day from start to finish and takes care of the schedule and coordinating the different areas. The wedding planner's work starts with tendering service providers and ends with sending thank you cards. This is an excellent service for a busy wedding couple who still want to enjoy the journey to their wedding day without too much pressure to remember every little detail. The wedding planner is also on the wedding day to make sure that all the pieces are in place and that the schedule is kept to a good standard. Another popular need for the services of a wedding planner is decoration ensembles. The wedding planner implements the decoration according to the wedding couple's wishes and takes care of all the related pieces in their place, often also ensuring everything works at the wedding venue with the party space, performer and catering. The wedding couple and their loved ones can relax without the stress of last-minute wedding preparations.

What is a good wedding planner like? Wedding planners are very different in terms of style and services. What they have in common, however: is the desire to realize the perfect wedding day for the customers. This requires organizational ability, time management skills, social skills, problem solving ability and creativity to come up with ideas and make the wedding couple's dreams come true. He should also be interested in wedding trends and want to keep up with the times so that he can serve the wedding couple in the best possible way. One of the most important qualities is adaptability and the ability to listen to the wedding couple. Every professional wedding planner wants to make the day of their wedding couple's dreams come true, by any means, and also comes up with ways to make them happen.

We often encounter these ideas in our work:

"Your work is so glamorous"

The world of weddings is wonderful and very glamorous, and we happily agree with that. But a successful wedding day involves a lot of hard work before the guests enter the wedding hall or the venue. The wedding planner must know everything, work together with several service providers, and be the one to whom the wedding couple or wedding party turns during the week of the wedding and on the day of the wedding. A wedding planner must also have good pressure tolerance and a backup plan for everything related to the wedding day, or at least a good reaction and solution-oriented thinking for the solution of possible problems, so that everything goes well, because there are rarely wedding days that do not have some small challenges in the background. But a dedicated wedding planner manages to create a perfect wedding day and enjoy the moment when everyone is ready and the guests and the wedding couple enter the party room.

"You have to put up with wedding-crazy brides and their loved ones all the time."

We understand the importance of the wedding day for the wedding couple and all the emotions on the way to the important day. We are there so that you can rely on us and with our professional skills we know how to solve potential problems, whether it is related to the wedding dress or the seating arrangement. We also share the joy with the wedding couple's loved ones, because we know that everyone close to the wedding couple wants their best and most perfect day for them, and they want to be involved in making it happen.

"You don't have any working hours."

Every wedding planner creates working hours for himself, but our work is of course varied. Especially during the wedding week, the days often get longer towards the weekend, but from the beginning of the week we can enjoy slow mornings. However, the most important thing is that the schedule of each wedding and event is under control, and we also know how to relax properly during a hectic work holiday.

"You can't get really excited about every wedding."

You can always say with all your heart that you can. When you do a job you love, you know what a joy it is to succeed in your job. For us, every wedding is an opportunity to succeed in our work perfectly, and nothing is a greater thank you for our work than a happy wedding couple. And as a wedding and love story enthusiast, we have to admit that we feel really privileged to be able to share the wedding couple's story and be a part of it behind the scenes.

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Briefly described the wedding process through our eyes:

The journey towards the wedding day always begins with the first meeting with the wedding couple, we always recommend a face-to-face meeting so that the wedding couple can get to know us, but we also get a stronger picture of the wedding couple's wishes, through which it is better to prepare the offer. In the first meeting, we always tell you about our activities and the course of the planning process. After that, we get to know the wishes of the wedding couple and together we come up with ideas for the decoration, the flow of the day or the entire wedding process according to the needs of the wedding couple.

After the wedding couple has accepted the offer and paid the reservation fee, which they use to secure the wedding date in our calendar, we start the journey together towards the wedding day. First, we create a wedding schedule, through which we follow together the structure of the wedding day, one thing at a time. Depending on the whole and how much time is left for the wedding, we implement the decoration plan and take care of everything that has been agreed as part of our service.

At suitable intervals, we check the wedding schedule and decoration plan. We also try to meet the wedding couple well in advance of the wedding day, when the last details are locked.

Then we can happily approach the wedding week, when we make the final confirmations with other service providers. Let's confirm the schedules once again with the wedding couple and the master of ceremonies.

Would it be interesting for you to hear more about the work of a wedding planner? In later blog posts, we will explain the wedding process from our perspective and our example of the wedding day in more detail.

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