Miten luoda haluamansa tunnelma ikimuistoisiin häihin?

How to create the desired atmosphere for a memorable wedding?

What makes a wedding party memorable is its atmosphere. When the guests have a good time, the wedding will be remembered with a smile even years later. For this reason, the wedding couple should invest in things that affect the creation of the atmosphere.

A big wedding has a different feel than a small and intimate party spent only with loved ones. A big church wedding creates a more traditional and devout atmosphere than a small and relaxed ceremony on a tropical beach. So think together about what kind of wedding looks like your atmosphere.

The atmosphere is created by: lighting, music, program and decorations. These are important, but we should not forget that the general good feeling and the atmosphere of the party between the wedding couple and the party guests are remembered above all.

Lighting is one of the most important mood creators, especially as autumn fades and well into spring. In lighting, you can use e.g. candles, lanterns, led light strips, bistro lights, light curtains or led spotlights. When planning the lighting, it is good to remember fire safety and the regulations of the party venue, especially in the case of real fire. Today, even LED wicks and candles look really authentic and beautiful, so even in a space where it is forbidden to burn real candles, you can easily create an atmosphere with candles. When dim lighting is desired for the party space, it is good to remember that there is still enough light in important places such as: passageways, the buffet table, near the guest book and the bar, also indirect lighting reflected on the walls creates a new dimension to the space and gives softer general lighting to the space. Too cold and bright light should be avoided so that the warmth of the atmosphere does not disappear. The color scheme of light has a great effect on the atmosphere anyway, and it also makes it easy to modify the party space and highlight its beautiful aspects. Candles and lanterns create a romantic atmosphere, and are beautiful in clusters of several.

Music can create an atmosphere both on the dance floor, but also as background music during meals. Calm piano music relaxes the guests and when the atmosphere is relaxed, even strangers approach each other more easily. If the evening's program includes dancing and a band, it is good to also think about the guests and what would be the best dance for them when selecting songs for the playlist or the band.

The wedding day's program, such as various traditional games, video presentations and outdoor games, make the time pass and the guests enjoy themselves. There can also be performers, speeches and a band at the wedding. If the wedding party is also for children, it is worth organizing a nice pastime for them too, such as tasks, face painting or games. Showy elements also bring atmosphere to the wedding party: a candy buffet delights both children and adults, a squishy tower creates excitement and serves as a great program number, and what would crown the atmosphere of the evening is fireworks. In the program content of the wedding day, only your ideas are the limit, but in the end, the atmosphere is created by the near and dear ones around, that's the most important thing.

The environment has a great influence on the kind of atmosphere of the wedding celebration. For a small space, you should choose a lighter shade and a lighter material so that the space does not create a cramped atmosphere. In a larger space, you can use spectacular and abundant decorations with darker shades. When the composition of decorations, colors and materials are in balance with each other, the whole looks harmonious. Material choices also have an effect on the atmosphere. Whether it was linen napkins instead of paper napkins or comfortable seat cushions placed on hard wooden chairs. Small details create an atmosphere and are a perfect way to tell the story of the wedding couple or highlight important memories for them. Favorite travel destinations as table names or poems by the bride's favorite poet arranged as part of each placement. Feel free to create an atmosphere that reflects you.

However, the most important thing is that the day's program, music and decorations match the style and taste of the wedding couple. When the wedding feels like the wedding couple's own, the genuine and happy atmosphere is transmitted to the wedding guests as well.

All the photos in the article were taken by the photographer: Marko Laukkarinen

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