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Choosing an engagement ring

Are your Pinterest folders filled with more wonderful ring options? Have you perhaps hinted to your loved one about your favorite? The year 2019 will raise narrow and vintage-style row rings in ring trends, says Janina Pöysti from Kultasepät Narsaka. The 2019 engagement ring trends are wonderful, but above all, the ring must feel right on your hand, like on the hand of your loved one.

In wonderful love movies, the perfect engagement ring sparkles in a surprise proposal that makes you sigh with love. This romantic scene repeats itself in the dreams of many of us, but since the ring is meant to stand the test of time and there are often wishes for the style of the ring, and it should fit the wedding ring, purchasing a ring is a more rational decision.

Janina Pöysti from Narsaka states, "It's a very romantic idea that the ring is purchased before the proposal, but it may be that if the ring is purchased together only after the proposal, the end result will please both of them more and we can really already think about the future wedding ring at the same time. However, if you want to propose with a ring, you can borrow a proposal ring from goldsmith shops that serve you, such as ours, and after that we can make the final decision about the engagement ring together."

Choosing a ring

Before choosing a ring, you should set a budget, which determines a lot of the ring's features. For many brides, it is important that the wedding and engagement ring also match in terms of material, which can be silver, yellow, red, or white gold, as well as the more valuable platinum. Nowadays, men also prefer rings made of titanium. It is also good to pay attention to the quality, durability and ethics of the ring.

Domestic handmade jewelry is always a durable and safe choice, imported rings are not of the same quality because they often compromise on the strength of the material, for example. Attention Janina Pöysti Goldsmiths from Narsaka. It is also important to turn to a professional goldsmith if it is difficult to find the right kind of ring, a professional can help you choose a ring or you can create a unique ring or set of rings with them. An ethically chosen ring can be, for example, a grandmother's old heirloom ring that has already been used once, or a modified newer version of it.

In addition to the material, an essential part of the ring is the number, color and purity classification of diamonds and gemstones. The cleaner and brighter the stone, the more expensive the ring. Nowadays, more and more diamonds are wanted for engagement rings, and Kultasepät Narsakka also makes plenty of these engagement rings, says Janina Pöysti from Narsaka.

It is also good to think about whether you want one ring instead of a traditional wedding and engagement ring.

In the world, it is customary that the engagement ring is the most spectacular ring, and the wedding ring is either not worn at all, or it is a more modest ring that complements the engagement ring. This fashion is slowly arriving in Finland as well. Narrated by Janina Pöysti from Narsaka. In Finland, the combination of two rings is still preferred, but the choice of one ring has grown considerably, and thus it is easier to invest more in one ring at once.

In men's engagement rings, smooth engagement rings are probably still the most popular and common models, but men have also started looking for different options. For example, coarse textures and small diamonds are popular in men's rings, such as in our Rautapuu and Peruskallio series rings, Janina Pöysti from Narsaka knows how to tell.

Where do you get ideas for finding the perfect ring for you? Before you dive into the world of endless ideas on Pinterest, stop for a moment and visualize the ring you want. Have you seen a ring passing by somewhere that moved you? did your grandmother have a beautiful diamond ring that you admired as a child? Does your friend have a ring that wasn't to your taste at all? Through these questions, you are already closer to your own taste. Rings are also a favorite topic of conversation, especially among women, so don't hesitate to discuss your ring dreams with your closest friends, they can suggest your perfect ring or the conversation will otherwise lead you in your own direction. Then it's time to dive into Pinterest and pin your favorites in one folder. Instagram is also a great place to find a ring, and the photos are mostly uploaded by happy engaged people and thus with natural lighting. This way you get a realistic picture of the rings right away and how they fit on the finger. With the hashtags: #engagementring #engagementring, you will find more wonderful ring ideas than each other. But you have been warned! This world will take you away for a while!

If you dreamed of a surprise proposal, you should tell your spouse in advance what kind of ring model, number and shape of diamonds you are dreaming of. You can go window shopping together, so you can see several different options yourself.

We each make choices in very different ways, however, we recommend trying, feeling and looking at different rings, because sometimes the ring on your own hand can turn out to be a dream image. Dare to just dream of a ring to the nearest jeweler, they are guaranteed to want you to find your perfect choice.

You can also find some of our favorite rings on our Pinterest board . Take a look and choose your favorites for yourself.

Goldsmiths Narsaka's most important tips for choosing an engagement ring:

  • Decide whether you want the engagement or wedding ring to be a more showy ring and make your choice accordingly.
  • When choosing an engagement ring, think about what kind of wedding rings are compatible with it.
  • Do not choose a design that is too special, with which it is difficult to combine another ring - if you want to wear two rings.
  • Feel free to ask a professional for ideas and advice.

If you want to surprise your chosen one with a ring, here are some good tips:

  • Quietly ask her closest friends about ring dreams. They may even have pictures to show.
  • Check your spouse's ring against the entire ring he or she wears. If possible, you should take the ring with you to the jewelry store. So that the surprise proposal is not revealed, you can also draw the size of the ring on paper!
  • However, you don't have to get a ring right away at the moment of proposing, because nowadays it's trendy (it's a new trend) to propose with a temporary "proposal ring". After this, the couple can go and admire the rings together, and there is no need to stress about choosing a ring.
  • An engagement ring can be more affordable, even a fun and affordable trinket ring. You can also propose in a more creative way. A romantic way is to propose to your spouse with an empty ring box, where you can choose the ring together later. The box will also be a wonderful memory of a beautiful proposal moment or with a loan ring recommended by Kultasepät Narsaka, which can then be exchanged for the desired ring model in the store.

All the rings in the pictures are from Kultasepät Narsaka's selection.

The styled photos were photographed by Camilla Bloom

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