Vuoden 2019 häiden somistustrendit

2019 wedding decoration trends

What are the 2019 wedding trends in Finland? In this post, we put together this year's most popular wedding trends.

As we say every year, also this year, unique weddings are the trendiest of all. There are wedding trends from which you can draw ideas for your own perfect day. A memorable and atmospheric wedding day is always trendy, and it's what the wedding couple and their guests remember most.

Photo: Camilla Bloom / Styling & flowers: Mevent Weddings


In the wedding flower trends of 2019, we still see a lot of spectacular green and floral elements, which this year also has more natural and sprawling style. The floral elements are more surprising this year: decorating the chandelier with flowers and cut greens, decorating the fireplace, a green arch at the entrance or a hanging floral element over the wedding couple's table. Challenge your florist to come up with your own wonderful flower element designed just for you.


Nature is strongly visible in 2019 and with this trend comes lovely dried flowers and grasses as part of the decoration. Hay and dried flowers are seen both in bouquets, arrangements and as part of larger floral elements. Hays and dried flowers come alongside fresh cuts, but bring a little vintage spirit to the look.

Pampa grasses will be seen more in the decoration of weddings and they bring a modern touch to wedding flowers.

Dried flowers are also used in small details such as decorating a cake, decorations for appetizers or thrown instead of rice.


In the flowers this year, you can see a lot of garden roses, peonies, sweet peas - natural flowers are popular this year. The arrangement of the flowers is more natural, and mushroom-free arrangements are preferred in the arrangements, from an ecological point of view. Alongside the flowers, other elements of nature such as wood, stones, branches can also be seen in the details.

Photo: Camilla Bloom / Treats: Say it with a cake


Wedding personalization is also very popular this year. The wedding couple wants their celebration to be unique and with small details you can wonderfully personalize the look and atmosphere of the wedding.

If you are having a smaller wedding, personalized thank you cards or messages/poems/words of thanks attached to the placement are a way to make each guest feel special. Personal attention is always the most touching.

You can also see a lot of wedding personalization in the invitations, where there are even more drawings made for the wedding couple: of the wedding couple, the place of celebration, flowers, etc. As little hints about the big day. Personalization can also be seen bolder in the menus designed according to the tastes of the wedding couple.

Memories are largely built through atmosphere, smells and music. This year's wedding sees more investment in creating the atmosphere, candles, lights, the flavors and smells of memories are a strong part of the wedding.

Photo: Camilla Bloom / Treats: Say it with a cake / Flowers and styling: Mevent Weddings


This year, we are investing in the look of the cake table, and wonderful elements are being created from them. The cake is in a spectacular position, on its own stand, and small delicacies are served alongside the cake. Attention is also paid to the whole of the chef's table and the cake tables are made into almost artistic works, flowers and floral elements are also part of the decoration of the cake table.

The surface texture of the cake has liveliness. Different patterns and painting with icing can be seen in this year's wedding cakes.

Photo: Lotta Polviander / Published: Häät-lehti / Flowers: Kukkaikuna / Styling: Mevent / Prints: Crocuspaperi


Along with soft and hazy shades, this year we also see deeper shades, such as: burgundy, dark plum, blue and red. We want to break the softness with small details and bring a touch of roughness to the whole.

Photo: Lotta Polviander / Published: Häät-lehti / Wedding dress: Heidi Tuisku / Place: PyynikinPanimo / Model: SusannaM


At Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding, environmental friendliness was an important factor, and that's why their magnificent flower entrance arch at the church door was made without flower sponge, which would have resulted in a lot of waste. Princess Eugenie's wedding was also completely plastic-free. Environmental friendliness can be implemented at your own wedding with small actions: prefer local food, increase vegetarian options, use cloth napkins and cardboard straws instead of disposable ones. Ethical choices also include making use of a wedding dress, ring or vases passed down as an inheritance in the family. All in all, wedding couples are more vigilant this year in favor of ecology.

We want the flowers used as decorations to bring joy for longer, that's why bouquets of flowers as gifts for guests or donating flowers to charity are popular this year.

Mindfulness has also become stronger in the world of weddings, and we want the wedding to be as stress-free as possible. Emphasizing enjoying the moment, being present and minimizing stress. And even if you don't take a mindfulness perspective as the theme of your own wedding, this trend has its good reminders: forget your cell phone on your wedding day, enjoy your wedding day to the fullest, even if there are minor inconveniences, be present in the moments and above all, remind yourself on the way to the wedding day why this day is important to you and your spouse, it's yours celebration of love.

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