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Wedding schedule

Has a completely new world opened up in front of you after the proposal? The wedding world is full of ideas and options, from which you should find the path that reflects your own story. Planning takes time and it includes decisions that are wonderful as well as ones that take longer to think about. Planning a perfect day requires a lot of background work and experience, knowledge of different operators and passion for visual and functional solutions.

In the middle of all the wedding hype, there is a lot to remember and plan, which is exactly why scheduling is extremely important. Everyone wishes that the wedding year would be unhurried and would allow them to really enjoy the wedding planning. Scheduling is a prerequisite for things to be done on time and for you to enjoy your trip at the same time. What's more wonderful than to remember your wedding year fondly even years later!

When the decision to get married has been made, it is important to plan the nature of the wedding in terms of the wedding schedule. Do you want the ceremony in a church or at the registry office? Do you celebrate with family and friends or secretly for two? The nature of the celebration should also be considered in terms of the wedding budget. The duties of MEvent's wedding planners include taking care of the wedding arrangements from start to finish or alternatively just helping with styling. If you use a wedding planner to realize your wedding, your calendar is then more flexible and free. Our wedding planners will support you along the way and make sure that, despite big plans, you have time to enjoy yourself with all your heart!

We put together the wedding schedule below and tell you what you should consider before the h-moment.

1-2 years

♥ Choosing a wedding planner

♥ Choosing a wedding day

♥ Planning the number of guests and the budget

♥ Searching for a party place and wedding venue

♥ Compiling the guest list

♥ Choosing the best man and bridesmaids and groomsmen

♥ Collecting inspiration photos and ideating for the day together

♥ Booking a photographer and videographer

♥ Purchase of rings

♥ Booking the wedding night and travel


9-11 months

♥ Sending save the date invitations

♥ Choosing the bride's wedding dress and accessories and underwear

♥ Choosing the groom's suit and accessories

♥ Kaaso and bestman's look design

♥ Catering service booking (often in connection with the party venue)

♥ Choosing the nature and look of the party

♥ Booking a performer

♥ Contacting the designer of the print materials

♥ Booking accommodation


6-8 months

♥ Ideation of flowers and styling

♥ Program design

♥ Choice of Master of Ceremonies

♥ Invitation design

♥ Creating a wedding page

♥ Gift list design

♥ Booking wedding hair and makeup

♥ Going through previous sections


3-5 months

♥ Sending invitations

♥ Drinks order

♥ Wedding cake order

♥ Arranging transportation

♥ Wedding dress trial + possible changes

♥ Investigation of obstacles to marriage (both must complete an investigation of obstacles)


2 months

♥ Contacting those who did not respond to the wedding invitation

♥ Confirmation of the final number of guests for service providers

♥ Placement planning

♥ Reviewing the details with service providers

♥ Trial hair and make-up

♥ Fitting the wedding dress and trying on the bride's look

♥ Thinking about tomorrow's gifts

♥ Purchase of thank you gifts for gas and bestman

♥ Ordering or designing a guestbook

♥ Meeting between the priest and the cantor

♥ Church program planning

♥ Going through the flower selections with the florist


1 month

♥ Sharing the wedding day schedule with service providers and master of ceremonies

♥ It is good to get used to the wedding day shoes at this point

♥ Ensuring the schedules of the party venue

♥ Going through the schedule of the wedding day 


Wedding week

♥ Hanging the wedding dress on a hanger to straighten it

♥ Packing for the wedding night

♥ Enjoyment!


The eve of the wedding day

♥ Party venue styling

♥ Wedding car decoration and preparation, e.g. water bottles for the car

♥ For the morning of the wedding, reserve kumpa, juice, sparkling water, fruit, nuts, small salty and sweet or other favorite treats of the bride and groom

♥ Togetherness with your partner / bestman, e.g. dinner or pampering.


Wedding day

♥ This is the day you've been waiting for - enjoy every moment. The wedding day is eventful and therefore it is important to take care of fluid balance and eating.

♥ Put your phone down or even on silent - today you shouldn't worry about anything.

♥ Have a wonderful wedding day!


After the wedding

♥ Tidying up the party venue

Sending thank you cards

Wedding dress washing and maintenance

 Name change

♥ Relive the moments of your wedding day through photos and video

♥ Enjoying the honeymoon

Good luck to the future wedding couple!

♥ Greetings Mevent wedding planners


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