Työharjoittelu Meventillä

Internship at Mevent

I have always liked to design something beautiful and spectacular. The dream of working as a wedding and party planner only came a few years ago, when I have been involved in organizing wedding parties and other private events for friends and family members. My background is a catering chef and an interior designer, my artistic side also appears in music, since I have been playing the piano and singing since I was a child. When I started studying to become a decorator, I had seen myself designing commercial premises and private homes for clients. However, the choice of profession did not take me far, but even then I knew that I wanted to realize my creative side at work. Last winter 2019, I decided to go study to become an event producer, without realizing that it is precisely that creative design. Over the years, my dream of working as a designer had refined into a wedding and party designer.

I remember when it was a sunny summer day in 2020. I was sitting on Periscope's terrace with a glass of rosé wine and a laptop. I found Mevent quite by chance when I was browsing different event agencies in Finland on Google. As a resident of Tampere, it was easy to approach an internship that is in my own town. Contact was made by e-mail and phone and shortly after this, in September, I started a three-month internship period.

My work week started fast, when the first wedding gig was on the weekend of the same week. It was a wedding party of more than 100 people, which took place at Hanko Casino. Each twine, cover plate, fabric, frames, cutlery, tools, easels were packed separately and ironed on site. We arrived at the party venue already on Thursday, so that we can get the party space ready for Saturday. Next was the unloading of the goods and the preparations for the styling, huhhuh. So shall we drink champagne at all? Have American wedding movies given us the image that a wedding planner wears heels from morning, drinks champagne all day long and meets with clients for cake tastings and also arranges flower deliveries. However, the work of a wedding and party planner is something else, tenacious pressure tolerance and a brisk grip help in this job.

Every day is different, that's a promise. With the support of the team, I have been able to do and experience a lot of the everyday life of a party planner. Since the wedding season, which is at its wildest in the summer, is coming to an end, the work is heavily focused on other projects. I've been on business trips to client meetings and to get to know party spaces, I've been involved in making offers, I've gotten to know the online store that was just launched! It was a whole new world for me. I have always browsed online stores from the consumer's point of view, but now I got to develop an online store and update products there. In order to keep up with this frenetic pace, I have noticed the importance of mastering different tools. Yes, you have to be multi-talented if you want to succeed in the field.

The next amazing project we worked on was the styled photos for Häät magazine. The project came on a fast schedule, but that's what it is sometimes. We are looking for a professional photographer, models, shooting location, hair and make-up artist, we also need a clothing brand that is included, jewelry, etc. At the same time, we plan schedules, we make sure that meals are ready for the shooting day. Behind the pictures, you can't see how much one shooting day can demand, but this was also an enriching experience! This was the moment when I thought “Wow! I'm doing this kind of thing with such a great team. I love my job so much!". In addition to photo shoots, wedding planning, and running an online store, during my internship I have participated in organizing a corporate client's dinner and executed a gorgeous table setting and decoration for a private client's birthday party with the team in the heart of Helsinki.

In addition to the positive atmosphere, the best thing about every working day is that you constantly understand more and more about the everyday life of a wedding and party planner. We do a lot of cooperation with different service providers and we are on the phone all the time, okay, just kidding, not all the time but quite a lot! Along with work, we also remember to take it easy and enjoy sometimes. The whole team has spent a dream working day at the studio. I can't think of a better Friday working day than being able to eat a delicious brunch with the team and exchange ideas about things related to work and free time. It was a relaxing end to the week!

♥ Lily