A micro wedding

Corona brought small weddings, micro-weddings

Text by Tanja Hakala / Häät.fi
Photos by Marko Laukkarinen
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The article was previously published in the 2/20 issue of Häät magazine.

The corona pandemic caused the wedding party to be rethought. The guest list had to be trimmed if you wanted to organize a party. Small weddings, or micro-weddings, are not new, but their popularity started to grow rapidly. Micro-weddings make it possible to realize even the wildest dreams more easily. Because when the number of guests decreases, money is released from the budget.
Mevent Weddings has organized small weddings where the atmosphere rises to its peak. Corporate Jenni Koivula and Hannele Halme shared their tips on micro weddings:

Micro weddings are a big trend

The popularity of micro-weddings has been on the rise for a long time due to the intimate nature of the celebration. Corona kind of sped things up, making the trend bigger. Even if you don't organize big parties, you can implement all their elements in a small wedding.

A maximum of 50 guests are invited to a micro wedding.

At this wedding, you can invest in the menu served on the tables, a unique wedding dress and spectacular decoration. When the number of guests is smaller, the budget often allows more dreams to come true. For example, hire your favorite artist to perform for a couple of songs.

Lovely and intimate
At small parties, you have time to talk with everyone and the atmosphere is often naturally very relaxed. Maybe you will be able to seize the moment more sensitively and notice that you are surrounded by the people who should be present.

Your party
The guest list is short. That's why you can invite exactly those you want to invite to the party. Who do you want to be there when you tell your spouse how much you love them? When organizing a micro wedding, the biggest thing is love, the reason why we are in this moment right now. The party is created just like a couple, when all "musts" and responsibilities recede.

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