Vuoden 2021 häätrendit

2021 wedding trends

The wedding trends of 2021 are bright colors, dried flowers and heirloom jewelry

What kind of wedding will be organized this coming summer? The earthy, powdery color scheme changes to bold colors, and spectacular elements are used in the styling. The wedding couple's world of values ​​as well as ecology and ethics come to the fore.

Due to the corona, some wedding couples postponed their celebration from 2020 to the coming summer, and people have a pent-up need to finally celebrate with their loved ones. That's why weddings are organized even on Thursdays and Sundays, when Fridays and Saturdays are booked.

Every wedding season has its own trends and styles. Nowadays, it is no longer just about "getting married", but the wedding guests want to be offered a memorable experience. More and more wedding couples think that a strong wow reaction must be created already when the guests enter the party space, and not just at the sagging buffet table.

We have compiled the latest wedding trends for you. This is how we celebrate in 2021:

The preferred colors are yellow, gray and blue

The use of bright colors is increasing, and this year you can see a great splendor of color at the party. The color institute Pantone has again published the trend color of the year, which is lemon yellow. Tikkurila declared the same color as the color of the year last year. Pantone chose yellow alongside grey, and we think the combination is very functional.

Last year, Pantone's choice was classic blue, and it is also seen in this year's weddings. In its simplicity, with an elegant shade of blue, you can conjure up stylish summer and winter weddings. This trendy color is a good addition to all light, soft and hazy shades. With the help of darker shades, such as blue or burgundy, you can bring a touch of depth and grit to the whole.

In addition, lavender remains very popular. The color was seen last summer, especially in party dresses, and clothing stores still offer a lot of lavender. Now it can also be seen in styling.

Fresh and dried flowers are used together

Large floral elements as well as dried flowers, grasses and other materials picked from nature are now popular. Dried materials are used in arrangements and bouquets alongside fresh flowers.

Our tip is that wedding flowers bring joy for longer when they are bundled after the party as a gift for guests or donated to charity.

New versions of wedding traditions are made

We have noticed that one trend is here to stay: More and more wedding couples want to deviate from traditional wedding etiquette and create a unique day. Forget the bride-stealing and cake-cutting foot stomping if they don't feel like yours, or make your own versions of the traditional. The bride and groom should think together about what things they want to do and in what order. The wedding day becomes successful and atmospheric when the day looks just like the wedding couple.

The world of values ​​emerges in everything

The personality and values ​​of the wedding couple are increasingly reflected in wedding-related purchase decisions. The effects of the choices are better known, and party organizers want to know the origin of the materials and raw materials. The use of heirloom jewelry is now popular, local food is preferred when dining, and cloth napkins are appreciated when styling, for example, instead of disposable ones. Materials on the surface include, among other things, linen.

We will see even more ethical choices in the wedding couple's outfits and accessories, such as renting a wedding dress, buying a used wedding dress, or modifying an old dress into a wedding dress. Using rental products is ecological and easy, so we opened Mevent's online store , where you can rent everything from wedding arches to place settings.

Pictures Susanna Nordvall