Kukkatrendit 2021

Flower trends 2021

I'm at home. Comfortable at home. Everything important is done for today, I just wait for the water to boil and pour it into a patterned mug on top of a cute colored tea bag. With my phone under my arm, I lightly flop onto the sofa and, with a contented sigh, I bury myself deep in the folds of the blankets. Now I give myself permission to completely immerse myself in the enchanting world of my favorite hobby, i.e. idea images, feelings and beauty.

If my wedding would be in 2021, what would they be like?

What main colors and additional materials would I like for this unique day?
Would there be shiny silver, warm gold or clear glass?
And what are the colors that are on the surface in 2021?
Wedding dresses, rings, party venues, jewelry, prints, food, drinks.. So many things to think about.

However, the thing I like best are wedding flowers, their many possibilities. They complete and crown the setting, the party venue, the wedding photo... not to mention the look of the bride and groom. You can always see more flowers at all parties, in more abundant and different implementations, and flower trends change every year. When the party space is known, it's fascinating to dream of a flower element tailored specifically for it, which will take over the entire space. On wedding websites you can see lovely, airy floral elements that meander gently, for example, in staircases or various wedding arches. On the other hand, we want tall, plush, rich flower arrangements for round tables around which guests can enjoy beautiful, unforgettable moments.

I close my eyes for a moment and think about wedding photos on lovely staircases where the flowers bring their beautiful charm next to the wedding couple. Whether the pictures are black and white or colorful, vibrant flowers belong in them.

I open my eyes: Those colors! What colors do I see? Would it be light, powdery shades or, for example, strong, exciting contrasting colors?

In which colors will the flower trends shine in 2021?

Let's use color institute Pantone's shades for this year: Yellow and gray go well together. This reminds me of delicious combinations of eucalyptus and other gray-leaved plants combined with glowing yellow gold balls (craspedia) or, say, rich ranunculus. Gray brings out the yellow flowers beautifully. The spring sun really makes me miss colors, especially yellow.

You should enjoy the abundance of colors now. I drift to follow more and more colorful party photos, because rich and bright colors surround me more and more in the flower world as well. Are shades of purple or lavender close to your heart or do I want to follow the call of yellow? What about that fresh white with shades of green? In the flower selections, you can also use a touch of effect color to get a perfectly finished whole. How beautiful the powdery pale flowers that were on the surface now look when there are restrained chocolate tones next to them.

Then let's think about flower choices. Some large single flower beautifully draws attention to itself and other flowers frame it. The all-time favorite peony, the sweet classic garden rose or the bold newcomer protea can be an eye-catcher. Special and exotic flowers or plants suitable for the domestic nature work equally well. When you leave room for each individual flower, it will take its place.

I am fascinated by rich grasses and dried flowers. Fortunately, the dry flower season continues, now they can also be paired with real flowers. Although the bleached ruscuses and light feather grasses that go with everything give a charming addition to the fresh flowers. That specialty, an eye-catcher in a flower arrangement, can be, for example, a dried artichoke.

The whole is what matters. Among other things, the color and flower preferences of the wedding couple, the wedding dress and the venue together shape the bloom of the important day. Which flowers are suitable for the party space and in which colors? Mastering the whole is an art, when all the flowers fit together seamlessly and there are a few enhancing elements, the party is like a lively painting.

The evening easily stretches into the late hours while browsing the captivating flow of flowers. I close my eyes again and on my retinas I can still see wedding arches full of flowers and the sweetest bridal bouquets with beautiful wedding dresses in the background. I stretch contentedly and think about the summary for the coming summer. Wedding flowers 2021 can be bursting colors with more special flower varieties, or implementing a classically beautiful color scheme with a traditional, more restrained recipe. There are many possibilities.
I decide that tomorrow night I will go through shades of yellow and gray. The colorful flowers are clearly beginning to whisper to me.
And I'm listening.

♥ Mevent florist Heini

Pictures Lotta Polviander

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