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Wedding planning online course

Wedding planning online course

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Wedding planning online course

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During the online course…
♥ You will learn what to prepare for a wedding in advance and in what order.
♥ You understand the importance of the wedding schedule and managing things on time.
♥ After the course, you will be able to plan the program for the wedding day and weekend, so that you can enjoy the wedding day with your guests without worries.
♥ You will learn how to do a spectacular styling and get tips for implementing a party space.
♥ You know how to take into account even the smallest details in both styling and program planning.
♥ The course gives ideas and inspiration and guides you to find the best implementations for your own wedding celebration.
♥ You will receive a discount code for the Mevent online store to purchase rental products.
♥ You get to network with other course participants and share ideas and inspirations with other designers.

Wonderful moments with wedding planning ♥

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