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Glass cylinders, 10 pcs

Glass cylinders, 10 pcs

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Glass cylinders are multipurpose elements for decorations. The glass cylinders are rented in batches of 10. You can express your wishes regarding the size of the glass cylinders, tell us your purpose in the comment field.

Available for rent in batches of 10, max 100

Renting of the products

Products are always pickedup by the customer on Thursdays 11-5 from the Mevent Studio (Uurastajankatu 19, 33710 Tampere)

Return to the same address on Mondays between 11-5.


Height of glass cylinders & base diameter:
15 x 9 cm
15 x 10 cm
20 x 14 cm
15 x 12 cm
13 x 13 cm
30 x 12 cm

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